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In dvd la terza stagione di Suburra

Disponibile su supporto dvd la terza stagione della serie televisiva Suburra.



After having launched the first two on home video, CG Entertainment makes the third season of the television series Suburra available on DVD . Series inspired by the feature film of the same name directed in 2015 by Stefano Sollima , in turn based on the novel by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini . Series, therefore, which on this third occasion brings back Alessandro Borghi and Giacomo Ferrara respectively in the role of Aureliano Adami and Alberto “Spadino” Anacleti. Because, with Manfredi Anacleti alias Adamo Dionisi awakened from a coma, the struggle for domination of the streets of Rome continues.

Over the course of six episodes which, divided into three discs, alternate between the streets and alleys of the capital and the province.

Six episodes in which the world “upstairs” and “below” will have to come to terms to share the great deal of the Jubilee. While talking about the election of the new mayor and witnessing the ascension of Cinaglia by Filippo Nigro to the Capitol . An increasingly decisive and ruthless Cinaglia, who we also see engaged in conversation with his old professor, even in youthful flashbacks. A Cinaglia whose wife and children are also predictably targeted in a tense sequence of tension on the playground.

As the aforementioned Aureliano and Spadino continue to claim the throne of the Eternal City from Samurai, namely Francesco Acquaroli . But there is also room for new characters, starting with Titto Zaccardelli played by Calvagnano Claudio Vanni , the man who controls northern Rome. In an intricate crescendo of tension that also involves the Vatican, Sicilian criminals and other figures who operate in the shadows.

Without forgetting to leap into the past of the various protagonists and with more than one blow well-aimed by the direction of Arnaldo Catinari.

In fact, if on the one hand we can mention the exhausting, painful sequence of the sauna, on the other the image of the Colosseum behind a corpse is decidedly fascinating and symbolic. Is it true that to save a plant you have to cut the diseased parts and keep only the healthy ones? And that God manifests himself in so many ways, but always with the sole purpose of doing good? They are only of the two questions that the viewer asks himself in the third season of Suburra , between one firefight and slot pulsa. Third enthralling season of what remains, without a doubt, one of the best productions churned out on the Italian small screen.

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